Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church
Monday, April 22, 2019

About Pastor Kim

The  Rev. Kim Brouse became pastor of Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church November 1, 2010.  Previously, He was a circuit preacher serving Tabor and Randolph United Methodist churches and Hawthorne and Stratton United Methodist churches in rural Red oak.

He served two churches a day, two to three times a month. As a certified lay speaker, he preached at Tabor and Randolph one Sunday and Hawthorne and Stratton another Sunday.  Then he filled in at other churches in southwest Iowa off and on between times.

In June, he declared his candidacy for ministry.  Kim is in his third and final year of lay ministry school and will become eligible to be a local licensed pastor on completion. Then he will be authorized to administer sacraments.  Currently, he must have another pastor bless the elements before he can serve communion.

During 10 years of membership at Salem United Methodist Church, Kim and his wife, Chris, became involved in a weekend retreat called Walk to Emmaus and were co-directors of the event for five or six years.  After that, they were eager to get more involved at Salem.

"I felt called to service, but I wasn't sure what," he said.  "My pastor started asking me to fill the pulpit once in a while.  Then I became a certified lay speaker.  I found I really liked to preach, even though I was scared to get up in front of people."

"I was influenced by the Rev. Dave Weesner, former pastor at Salem.  He gave me the opportunity to preach, and he put his faith in me to fill the pulpit when he wasn't there.  I gave my very first sermon ever on Father's Day 2002.  I won't forget that."

Fifth Avenue is a different situation for Kim, since he's not just filling in.  "Those other churches I could preach and go away, and here I have to preach and come back.  But it feels like a pretty good fit -- for me, as well as my family."

Kim spent most of his childhood in Griswold but graduated from Lewis Central High School. He worked at a couple of factories, including the former Asarco plant in Omaha, then went to Iowa Western Community College and earned a marketing degree.  He was a seafood manager at a Hy-Vee Food Store before starting his job working as a medical records technician at Creighton University Medical Center.

Kim likes hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, reading and writing.  He and Chris have a daughter, a son, two grandsons and one granddaughter.

Original article written by Tim Johnson, Council Bluffs Nonpareil