Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 16, 2019

Pastors Who Served Fifth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

1889-1890     Samuel A. Alexander
1890             George H. Bennett
1890-1893     Charles W. Brewer
1893-1894     J. Indus Farley
1894-1895     Abram F. Conrey
1895-1896     Willis H. Cable
1896-1897     Moses T. Tweedy
1897-1899     George P. Fry
1899-1902     E. W. Erickson
1902-1903     J. A. Able
1903-1906     Willis N. Graves
1906-1908     Eddy C. Newland
1908-1911     S. Grant Lewis
1911-1914     J. E. Matheny
1914-1917     J. F. Bingaman
1917-1921     A. J. Matthews
1921-1925     Ray E. Harvey
1925-1929     Harry Coates
1929-1932     Thomas J. Pettit
1932-1936     Claude W. Cooper
1936-1937     Theodore Bauer
1937-1939     Floyd A. Smith
In 1939 the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South reunited to become the Methodist Church.


Pastors Who Served Fifth Avenue Methodist Church

1939-1940     Floyd A. Smith
1944-1949     Victor C. Bloomquist
1944-1949     Fermor G. Barnes
1949-1951     William E. Craig
1951-1955     Kermyt Roebuck
1955-1957     Allen L. Lewis
1957-1961     Clarence W. Woollard
1961-1966     Duane R. Manning
1966-1968     Stephen Root, Jr.
In 1968 the Methodist Church merged with the Evangelical United Bretheren to become the United Methodist Church.


Pastors Who Served Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church

1968-1970     Stephen Root, Jr.
1970-1974     James Fouke
1974-1984     Richard S. Dee
1983-1997     Carr Hume (Retired Assoc. Pastor)
1984-1989     Frank L. Greenwood
1989-1997     James C. Riley
1997-2004     Edward Clevenger
2004-2007     Mark Young
2007-2010     Sandi Gobeli
2010-2018     Kim Brouse
2018-2018     Mary Poore Howell  

Pastors Who Came Out Of Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church

1952             G. Eldon Haworth
1963             Delbert B. Story
1967             David R. Holmes
1987             David P. Schumann
1988             Roger B. Henry
1988             Kim A. Crummer
1988             John Southwick