Fifth Avenue United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 24, 2019

In His Service

Fifth Avenue Continues to Support Care and Share House

Macaroni and Cheese, Pasta, Soup, Baked Beans, and Canned Vegetables are needed. Monetary donations are also very helpful to purchase food at the Food Bank of the Heartland. Please consider donating food or money to assist this ministry of the United Methodist Churches of Council Bluffs area. Monetary donations may be sent to Care and Share House, P.O. Box 184, Council Bluffs IA 51502. 

Mission Boxes - Noisy Offering

Each Sunday after Children's Time, our Little Ones circulate through the congregation with tin buckets.  The coins they collect are used for selected mission projects. Offering for November and December will be used for the Santa Shop.




Shriner Pull Tab Collection

Fifth Avenue collects aluminum pull tabs to be donated to the Shriners Women's Auxiliary.  The money they raise is used to supplement the General Fund in each Shrine Hospital.  As the number of patients requiring wheelchairs (including electric wheelchairs) and other prostheses, walkers, arm crutches, and other emergency items cannot be accurately estimated, the Auxiliary fills the gap.  They also provide money, clothing, toys and lap robes.
During 2010, the General Auxiliary for the Twin Cities Shriners Hospital for Children purchased 50 manual wheelchairs, 13 power wheelchairs, provided 152 repairs to chairs, refurbished 10, provided 34 growth kits, 90 walkers, 141 pairs of crutches, 1 stroller, 45 bath chairs, and other medical equipment as needed at a cost of $268,410.  The money was provided through the efforts of all of the 40 Auxiliary chapters associated with the General Auxiliary.
100 tabs = 1 oz.; 1600 tabs = 1 lb.  As the price per pound for pure scrap aluminum fluctuates, it would be hard to define how many tabs are required for any particular item.  There are 22 Shrine Hospitals.  The Omaha Auxiliary thanks each of you for the support received from Fifth Avenue.